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About Us

Sang H. Shin, PhD, LAc.Greeting!

You just arrived at “The Place of Last Resort” in the city of La Palma, California, finally!

What I mean is what the words say literally.

I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Philosophy in Oriental Medicine.

You probably have some experience in the past or are undergoing some ordeal to find the right practitioner to get proper care for your suffering.

While I am in the practice over two decades, I have studied, researched and practiced not only in the real field but in the academic arena bilaterally. During all this process, I find the most effective treatment protocols for various subjects not only limited in back pain or shoulder pain, but encompass most of internal disorders such as headache, depression, infertility, digestive trouble, hormonal imbalance, etc.  When I say ‘protocol’ means it includes more than traditional acupuncture needle, such as utilizing most advanced and sophisticated diagnostic devices, test, equipment and functional medicine as well.

The beauty of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is looking at the ‘Human’ with the dignity. When I see the patient, the procedure is always followed with my philosophy of medicine that is treat and take care of the people as a human with physical, emotional and spiritual combined matrix not as a collection of organs or diseases.

To glimpse my career, I was

  • Clinic Director at Southern California University, SOMA
  • Dean of Academic Affairs, Director of Doctoral program and Director of Doctoral program clinic at DULA chronically
  • Clinic Director and Professor at Stanton University


  • Currently, a Professor at South Baylo University for Acupuncture Techniques class.

This background implies my practice is all evidence and science supported.

Please enjoy what you can be cared here from me and remember any human-being has a right to choose the right health care practitioner and get well!


Dr. Sang H. Shin, DACM, LAc.

714-592-3126 Directions Contact/Schedule